Offers a candid look into the experiences of living in a fat body, advocating for a shift away from body shaming towards body neutrality.

Aubrey Gordon is an author, columnist, and cohost of Maintenance Phase.

Wellness and weight loss, debunked and decoded.

BPFA is an online education platform and global networking organization for fitness professionals. Our mission is to provide educational resources and community-based learning united around a common goal of equitable access to exercise for all people.

Experts at Plus Size Fit. We design, develop, and fit test premium activewear exclusively for sizes L-7X. Our sole focus is making products with the high quality materials, style, fit and functionality that our community has always deserved.

Inclusive movement coach and founder of Joyful Inclusive Movement, specializing in fat-positive fitness and functional strength conditioning for underrepresented groups, including the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, differently-abled individuals, people of color, the fat community, and older adults, with a focus on safety, recovery, and celebrating individual uniqueness.

Focuses on achievements and experiences rather than appearance, promoting a body-neutral mindset.

Advocates for yoga as a form of body-neutral movement, encouraging followers to embrace physical activity without focusing on body modification.

The article discusses the body neutrality movement, highlighting its focus on achieving a neutral view of one’s body as a more realistic goal than body positivity. It acknowledges the benefits for personal healing but emphasizes that body neutrality alone does not address broader societal biases and systemic discrimination against marginalized bodies, pointing to the need for a combined approach to tackle body-based oppression effectively.