Top Resources and Influencers to Embrace Body-Neutrality

In the journey towards embracing body neutrality and fostering an environment of inclusivity and self-acceptance, finding the right sources of information and inspiration is crucial. The following list comprises some of the most impactful resources and influencers in the body-neutrality space. These platforms and individuals offer a wealth of knowledge, support, and inspiration to help you fill your world with body-neutral information and encouragement.

1. Joyful Inclusive Movement

  • Website:
  • What It Offers: A platform dedicated to promoting inclusive and accessible ways to engage in physical activity, emphasizing joy and body neutrality in movement.

2. Health At Every Size Community

  • Website: HAES Community
  • What It Offers: Offers resources and support for adopting the Health At Every Size® approach, focusing on health and well-being independently of weight.

3. Beauty Redefined

  • Website: More Than a Body
  • What It Offers: Twin sisters Lexie and Lindsay Kite, PhD, founded this nonprofit with the mission to promote body image resilience. Through online courses and a vibrant social media presence, they offer insights on seeing beyond the body to recognize and develop personal talents, passions, and skills.

4. Body Kindness

  • Website: Body Kindness
  • What It Offers: Created by Rebecca Scritchfield, it’s a hub for those looking to break free from the cycle of dieting and body shaming, promoting a kinder, more accepting approach to body image.


1. Jessamyn Stanley

  • Instagram: @mynameisjessamyn
  • Why Follow: Advocates for yoga as a form of body-neutral movement, encouraging followers to embrace physical activity without focusing on body modification.

2. I Weigh Community by Jameela Jamil

  • Instagram: @i_weigh
  • Why Follow: Focuses on achievements and experiences rather than appearance, promoting a body-neutral mindset.

3. Tess Holliday

  • Instagram: @tessholliday
  • Why Follow: Challenges the narrative around size and fitness, advocating for acceptance and respect for all bodies.

4. Kelvin Davis

  • Instagram: @kelvindavis
  • Why Follow: A voice for men in the body neutrality and inclusivity conversation, promoting self-esteem and body acceptance.

5. Stephanie Yeboah

  • Instagram: @stephanieyeboah
  • Why Follow: Shares her journey and insights on navigating body neutrality and self-acceptance in a body-obsessed culture.


1. “What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat” by Aubrey Gordon

  • Why Read: Offers a candid look into the experiences of living in a fat body, advocating for a shift away from body shaming towards body neutrality.

2. “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” by Jes Baker

  • Why Read: A handbook for unapologetic living, encouraging self-acceptance in every size.

3. “The Body Is Not an Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor

  • Why Read: A powerful call to action to transform the way we view and treat our bodies, promoting radical self-acceptance.

4. “Body Respect” by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor

  • Why Read: Challenges common misconceptions about weight and health, offering a perspective that respects body diversity and promotes health without a focus on weight loss.

5. “Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight” by Linda Bacon

  • Why Read: Debunks the myths linking weight directly to health, advocating for a body-neutral approach to wellness that focuses on individual health markers rather than the scale.


1. “Maintenance Phase”

  • Listen On: Maintenance Phase
  • What It Offers: Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes debunk the junk science behind health and wellness fads, promoting a body-neutral perspective on health.

2. “The Body Image Podcast”

  • Listen On: The Body Image Podcast
  • What It Offers: Explores body image issues and how to move towards acceptance and body neutrality.

3. “Joyful Movement Show”

  • Listen On: Joyful Movement Show
  • What It Offers: Hosted by Kim Hagle, it explores how movement can be a joyful and positive experience, rather than punishment for what you ate.

4. “Body Kindness”

  • Listen On: Body Kindness
  • What It Offers: Provides practical advice on how to create a better life by being kind and accepting towards your body.

5. “Joyful Movement Show”

  • Listen On: Joyful Movement Show
  • What It Offers: Focuses on finding joy in moving your body, away from the pressures of exercising for weight loss or to fit beauty standards.

Social Media Hashtags

1. #BodyNeutrality

  • Why Follow: For content that focuses on accepting bodies as they are, promoting well-being beyond physical appearance.

2. #IntuitiveEating

  • Why Follow: Encourages listening to your body’s hunger cues rather than following external diet rules, aligning with body neutrality principles.

3. #BodyNeutralFitness

  • Why Follow: For fitness inspiration that emphasizes movement for joy and health rather than appearance or weight loss.

4. #NonDietApproach

  • Why Follow: Showcases a way of eating that rejects dieting for weight control, promoting a healthy relationship with food that respects body signals.

5. #SelfLoveJourney

  • Why Follow: Inspirational content focusing on the journey towards self-acceptance and love, which includes embracing body neutrality.

This updated list aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide to body neutrality, offering resources that promote a healthier, more inclusive approach to body image and wellness.

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