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Group of five diverse adults in sportswear standing and stretching in a sunny park, with trees in the background for a summer fitness marketing campaign.

Each summer, the fitness industry bombards us with messages insisting we need to change our bodies to fit a seasonal ideal. But what if we flip the script? Let’s explore how embracing body neutrality challenges these outdated narratives and pioneers...

A colorful illustration of a group of people, portraying body positivity.

Welcome to the vibrant world of self-love and body acceptance! Today, we’re unpacking two powerhouses in the self-esteem universe: body neutrality and body positivity. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering which camp you fall into, or maybe...

Body-neutral resources, such as a laptop and a tablet, are placed on a table.

In the journey towards embracing body neutrality and fostering an environment of inclusivity and self-acceptance, finding the right sources of information and inspiration is crucial. The following list comprises some of the most impactful resources and influencers in the body-neutrality...

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